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Smart Home

We do commercial and residential smart automation, we can make you more secure and comfortable with our turnkey system.

Smart Home/Office automation is one of our many expertise to modernize any property weather its residential or commercial with a turnkey solution meeting all your home office smart automation needs to bring comfort and security.

Home Theater Surround - in-ceiling or in-wall speakers
Smart Lock Security - remote capability to open/close door & temp combo time access
OnPrem Data Storage - keep all your security videos & biz files local from 20TB - 100TB
Motion Detect Security Cameras - Our technology allows to keep running & securing when there is a power outage
Backup Power - allow up to 3 hours of power during an outage with Internet & camers fully functional
Smart Lighting - Turn on/off lights from app, wall panel, keypad or voice command by Alexa, Siri or Google
Networking Capability - 48 port Network Switch provides fast access to entire property rooms/offices
Video wall panels - Aceess your smart automation controls from video wall panel as an alternate way to your app on your mobile device

Our turnkey smart platform can completely secure your home or office anywhere in the bay area surrounding cities and in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Our turnkey smart platform can completely secure your home or office in Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Palo Alto up to 24 motion detect cameras. What makes our Turnkey Smart Platforms different? Well, Our turnkey smart platforms are easily assembled and our team of professionals can give your home a more secure feel. We cover smart bathroom remodels, smart kitchen remodels as well as the entire home or office.

Our lighting solution is absolutely one of a kind; our new low voltage motion detect LED lights have amazing variable brilliant colors, with bright daylight 6500K color temperature you can extend your desired lighting from 1 foot to 4000 feet long.
Feel more empowered by choosing the desired lighting that best meets your needs, our motion detect LED lights turn on when you approach kitchen cabinets and turn off 33 seconds after you leave. Automatic lighting at nights or early hours of the morning when your eyes are sensitive to the Full-Brightness of can lights, our LED lights are easier on your eyes and turns on from 15 feet away as it senses motion.

SMRT LED Motion Detect LED Lighting with Unlimited eXtendible Length & Variable COLORS!!!


We are the leading real estate developer in Bay Area, Silicon Valley California. We specialize in buying reasonably priced homes at a discount & renovating them into a modern Great Home.


We provide the below services for high end, luxury building and a modern Great Home!

  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Smart Home Platform
  • Design & Build
  • Site supervision
  • Project Management
  • Cost studies


We have designed some of the stunning architectural marvels within HiTek automation, implemented throughout both residential buildings, offices, commercial buildings and made them hallmarks of architectural and interior design in Silicon Valley California, the heart of Bay Area and surrounding cities like Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Gatos and Campbell.

  • Smart Home
  • Amazing Modern Kitchens
  • Imperial oversized island
  • Custom BBQ
  • Custom Bar
  • Gaezebo
  • Top design Bathrooms